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Adobe fonts knocking renders offline

Explorer ,
Apr 24, 2022 Apr 24, 2022

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Hi, I have an issue with ANY renders using Century Gothic Pro, an Adobe font, in an Essential Graphic frequently going offline. (Roughly 2 out of 3 times I restart.) Other renders are NOT affected, including Essential Graphics with non-Adobe fonts. I admit, I need to experiment with another Adobe font to be sure this is in fact the problem, but it certainly appears to be the issue. 


I have had times when Adobe fonts appear offline and need to be "refreshed" using the Creative Cloud app. I wonder if this is related?


Anyway, our workaround at first was to just leave Premiere on all the time. As the project gets bigger, the chance of losing all our chyrons and spending hours re-rendering them became unbearable. So the new workaround has been to recreate an AE project using a non-Adobe font; A font that is officially installed in the fonts folder of the PC. This is working. Renders are stable


The render scratch drive is the same as our media (which never goes offline) a USB Raid. I tried moving the render scratch drive to an internal SSD, but this actually made things worse. Render files associated with the Adobe font went offline EVERY restart or on/off cycle.


I couldn't find a post on this, but is this a known issue? It's definitely making me avoid Adobe fonts. 


Thank you,


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