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Any simple way to add a synthetic clock via Timecode on a video? Custom font? Rotated?

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Apr 10, 2024 Apr 10, 2024

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I'm fighting Premier for a simple way to drop timecode for a timelapse via a clip's timecode, but I need to rotate it sideways because of my other post.

1. I can't rotate it. Why. If I try transform, it screws up all the clips under it. Where is the simple option within the 'plugin.'

2. Why can't we have a select on Transform that isolates the effect it to the current layer. That'd be a great start for alot of problems.

3. It's 2024. Where are the font options? I don't want to go in the unloved stepchild of After Effects with it's archaic interface and isolated controls that barely talk to any other program to do something that should be 2 clicks in Premiere given the outragious cost of the platform.

4. Every employee working in Creative Cloud should go through mandatory UI/UX training at this point and have a team of 5-10 product experts per program not beholden to Adobe's influence with incredibly different use case scenarios because these tools have failed to be expanded in meaningful ways with utterly simple design tweaks in the last 5 years. I can't believe it took eons to simply put Emoji's in Premier. A literal font.

I'm tired of this company sacrificing core products in the pursuit of AI they can't keep up with.

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