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AS11 UK DPP creation is Premiere pro - metadata issues

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Aug 05, 2021 Aug 05, 2021

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I'm trying to create a DPP using Premiere Pro, but I'm finding that the Line Up start, Duration and Part numbers/ part duration options as well as the option to embed the metadata in the file are greyed out. 


When I export the metadata as a sidecar it still embeds it in the file and I can alter any missing/wrong information in CineXTools without the need for a second export, but I'm just trying to see if there is a way to do it ALL in premiere, without the need for secondary software. (the purpose of this was to eliminate Avid and the DPP application entirely and use a single tool to create the file, which happens to be much quicker as well)


I'm using markers on the timeline to mark the Lineup, the Clock and the beginning and end of programme (single part programme in this case) and it seems to be working - the line up start and ident clock timecodes come through fine, but the "Part" timecodes, which would hypothetically be from 10:00:00:00 with a duration of 00:28:57:04 are not coming through, instead it uses the 10:00:00:00 timecode as the start but the OUT marker/end of file as the end, which is 35 seconds after the programme end, making the part 00:29:32:04 long.


Anyone have any tips as to how to force these settings in Premiere?


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