Audio issue - click off of premiere and specific tracks stop working

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Jul 22, 2022 Jul 22, 2022

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Hi everyone,


I've been having issues with premiere on windows 10.

I've transcoded my source video and audio into various 422 codecs - proxy and lt specifically. There are three tracks. Track 1 is the master with all audio mixed, track 2 is my desktop audio, track 3 is my mic audio. When I first open the project in premiere and play these files, the audio plays normally. When I click off of premiere whether that's to use another application or just clicking the desktop, and try to play the files, tracks 2 & 3 stop working. Track 1 continues to work no matter what. Also, I've exported the audio by itself with both cases. If I do not click off, the audio is exported normally as a wav/mp3, but if I do click out and back in, the wav/mp3 has no audio.  Either I restart the project completely or I export the audio file completely to work around this problem. 


I've also test this issue on my mac desktop and I do not encounter any of these problems.


I spent a lot of time with the adobe help testing older premiere versions, deleting media cache files, and other things.


Any thoughts or potential fixes?



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