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Audio mix off when I re-open project?

New Here ,
Nov 09, 2022 Nov 09, 2022

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Hi all, 


This has been an issue for the past year and not sure what is causing it.


I come to the end of my video projects and give all my audio a final mix and make sure nothing is peaking within Premiere Pro.


Sometimes I have to leave the project and come back to it later to finish the rest off and find my audio mix peaking and not mixed the way I had left it. It's only slight in places and then completely off in others. I double-check and make sure it's my latest save and not a mistake on my end and can't figure out what is going on.


I have lost hours of Audio mixing time to this issue and would really like to figure it out as I've Googled the hell out of the issue and can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem or a workaround. 


This happens no matter what project it is or the format of the audio and is starting to become a frequent issue. 


Any ideas? 

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