Audio mixer: some channels revert to touch, not read

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Aug 25, 2021 Aug 25, 2021

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I'm having a strange issue. Lately, while working on a sequence, I find that some of my audio mixer channels—usually track 1 and the master—keep reverting to touch rather than read...this is a behavior I hadn't noticed before. I thought they all began as read.


I will toggle them to read, visit the edit workspace and, then when I return to the audio mixer (either clip or track), I find they are back to touch.


Worse, if I toggle the mute on a track while playing back it the edit window, the mute toggles seem to be recorded (although I can't see any key frames in the tracks.) Selecting the clip and removing the attributes doesn't delete these invisible mute key frames, if that's what they are.


I'm on Premiere version 15.4.1, Mac OS 11.3.1, 2020 iMac i9


Is this a bug, or have I got some preference set incorrectly?

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