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Audio Playback Drops Out, Very Slow Playback Delay

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Aug 22, 2021 Aug 22, 2021

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Hi, I've read several posts regarding audio playback dropouts, and they all seem to say the same thing: get a faster hard drive or better system specs.  But shouldn't generating and attaching proxies mean that I should be able to edit fairly smoothly with a decent, fast hard drive?  I guess I kinda thought that using proxies and having (decent) specs was enough -- but is the only easy solution to start editing on SSDs exclusively?  Or is there some setting or workflow that I'm missing here?


I'm trying not to be salty, but I used to edit in Premiere and After Effects on little dinky 1Tb bus-powered 5400 rpm drives with 4K r3d files haha .... and as recently as a month ago, I was working with Open Gate Mini LF footage, transcoded to lower res LT proxies, and everything was plenty fast enough.  Suddenly, my audio drops out randomly during playback, and playback on Premiere is just slow in general.


What I've tried so far, to no effect:

(1) uninstalling and re-installing Premiere Pro

(2) changing the location of my media cache (to my SSD internal hard drive)

(3) changing the location of my media cache (to my working HDD)

(4) deleting my media cache comepletely

(5) rendering all audio before every playback

(6) reconnecting media files

(7) unattaching and reatttaching proxies

(8) editing with the proxy files directly

(9) starting a new project file from scratch, re-importing all media and just starting again


Computer Specs

Macbook Pro, 2019

Processor: 2.6GHs 6-core Intel I7

Memory: 64Gb, 2667 MHz DDR4

Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M, 8GB


Hard Drive Specs

Glyph 8Tb 7200rpm HDD

Interface: USB 3.1 Gen 2 (over USB-C)

Speed Test: 157 MB/s read 151 MB/s write


Project Specs

Footage is MiniLF footage, 4K UHD ProRes 4444 (.mxf)

Proxies are attached, as 1920x1080 ProRes LT files

52Gb memory available to Premiere

Optimize Rendering set to: Performance


- audio matches project which matches timeline, all at 48kHz

- all at 23.776

- sequence is 2048x1152

- video previews 2048x1152, QuickTime ProRes 422 Proxy

- have also tried setting video previews to 2048x1152 i-frame only MPEG

- have also tried setting video previews to 1920x1080 of both of the above

- have also tried setting video previews to 1280x720


- if it matters, i'm currently running about 20 video tracks and 30 audio tracks on my sequences

Audio, Editing, Freeze or hang, Hardware or GPU, Performance







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