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Can't get audio through headphones

Community Beginner ,
Jan 19, 2023 Jan 19, 2023

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Hello there. My setup is a Mac trashcan running Ventura. I have two Apple Thunderbolt displays, and an OWC thunderbolt 3 dock. I was running Premiere 2022, and just installed 2023 to see if that solved anything (nope). Outside of Premiere the audio goes where I tell it.


The audio from Premiere keeps defaulting through one of the Thunderbolt displays. It doesn't matter what I change in the Audio Hardware settings, or MIDI Setup, the audio will go through the Display. I've also checked the Playback settings in Premiere's preferences. I've had the headphones plugged into the OWC dock, and directly out of the trashcan with no success. In MIDI setup I can hear my headphones when I run the Left/Right tests.


I know Venutra isn't qualified for the trashcan and I used a Patcher to install it, so that could certainly be a cause. But since everything else seems to be working ok, this one thing seems silly.


The Thunderbolt displays don't have their own headphone jacks (if anyone asks). I am currently at a loss.


Thanks in advance







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