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Can't scroll small video file on Premiere (>150MB) - 1.1GB file scrolls with no issues

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Nov 07, 2021 Nov 07, 2021

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I am having an issue with not being able to scroll and preview a video file in a sequence in Premiere - I have an M1 Mac with 8GB of ram which is very fast and should be able to handle this.


The file is only 104.7MB yet I cannot scroll across it without it being completely slow - however a file which is 1.11GB scrolls without a problem - this indicates to me that there is something up with either the file or my Prmiere settings.


At first I thought this was due to me upgrading to the latest version of Premiere (v22.0) however even after downgrading I am experiencing this problem.


I have created videos to demonstrate the issue - below is the main video:



Below is a video that demonstrates the same thing happening in Premiere v22.0



Below is the link to the file which I am trying to scroll on:



Below is a .mov file which is scrolling without an issue:



P.S. I use Handbrake to make the files smaller as my laptop's size is limited - if that's of any help.

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