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Choppy Audio on playback

Explorer ,
Nov 21, 2022 Nov 21, 2022

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Have been using PP for 5 years on an old dell laptop, Just got a brand new dell XPS15 laptop in September and since the very use the audio playback is choppy for the first 5-10 seconds. I've never had this problem before in all my years. It's not just mp3 music it's also video audio, essentially it's all audio and video. This is very frustrating because most of my work is syncing video and music and it's been a nightmare.


I have tried re downloading nvidia GeForce driver, selected studio driver, and the clean install as suggested in another thread but problem still occurs. 

I've waited so long tinged a new pic that can actually run the program properly and now this is probably the most frustrating issue I've ever had. Someone please help me solve this. 

Audio , Editing , Error or problem , Performance






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