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Color and Ultra Key Keyframe Issues

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Aug 15, 2022 Aug 15, 2022

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I know the title seems a bit weird, but hear me out on this one.

I'm having an issue with the keyframing for things like Ultra Key and Color Key. Specifically the "Transparency" for Ultra Key, and "Color Tolerance" for Color Key. What I'm essentially trying to do is key a certain color on a clip to have only a small section of the clip underneath it visible, and then gradually have more of that clip appear through the keyed color until it's a fully transparent clip, and the previously keyed on is no longer visible. A transition, essentially.


The problem is that any time I try to keyframe the Transparency or Color Tolerance for either of these two keying effects, 0 to 100 basically, it will start at the highest value of the keyframe and never actually interpolate. That is to say that if keyframe 1 is at 0 for "Transparency" and keyframe 2, twenty frames later (the value doesn't ever matter), is at 100 for "Transparency," the entire clip will play with just 100 Transparency with no animation or interpolation. Is there something I'm missing here? 

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