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Nov 11, 2021 Nov 11, 2021

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Hey community, 

this has been a thing for a while and i have lived with it but not found exactly my issue on the community so here it is. 

the / mouse is very delayed at times, from a click release, even after i have moved across the screen. it not a killer but very very most notably if i adjust the audio in the timeline with the pen i move a key frame point hen release and onto something else only to hear (when i play the timeline) the key frame followed the mouse long after i had releases with audio slamming the top of the track....similar but less often when making masks the key frame is not released and the mask gets ruined.


2019 mac with MX ergo track ball but also same with mac trak pad, also the keyboard sometimes doesn't chnage tool but that is not so common...

any thoughts welcome 







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