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Do you need to CREATE a 5.1 Sequence Project to actually export a 5.1 mixed video?

New Here ,
Jan 25, 2023 Jan 25, 2023

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I have several scenes for a video in which I have not created the Premier Project files as 5.1 nor multichannel for the audio. I edit the video then use Audition Dynamic link to mix the audio then send it back to Premier. I know you can export and change the audio to be 5.1 with a dedicated track specifically for 5.1 audio files, but now i'm hearing that doesn't actually make the video 5.1 or it won't translate the 5.1 mix after exporting for either a home surround sound or a theatre.

If this is the case, does that mean I will have to create a 5.1 or multitrack channel porject sequence and copy the timeline for each scene and put it into that project sequence then mix in 5.1 and export? or is there a simpler way?

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