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Exporting clips using markers

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Aug 17, 2021 Aug 17, 2021

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The quick version:


We have about 15 hours of audio recordings in Premiere, which we have added thousands of markers to. What we'd like to do is find a way to render these into clips using those markers as in/out points, AND to automatically name those clips with the marker text. 



The longer version!


The issue is that we have recorded hours of toddler's dialogue. (Not English words, just emotive noises)


In order to then create a searchable library of their emotive noises, we have gone through and tagged the recordings using markers in Premiere with a naming convention. (e.g. SOPHIE_2045_happy_squeal)


We now have a searchable bank of thousands of samples within our Premiere Productions project. However - what we'd now also like to do is export all those individual samples as WAVs, so the library exists outside the Premiere project too. 


So what we need is some sort of extension, or other workaround, that would render WAVs based on markers in Prem, and automatically name the clips with the naming convention we wrote into each marker. 


The other issue is they're not chapter markers currently, so if there's a way around that (using the first marker as the 'in' and the following marker as the 'out' for example) that'd be perfect, but if we need to go through and turn them into chapter markers that could be an option too, though time-consuming!


Any ideas or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!  

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