File Names and Folder Names Do Not Refresh After Renaming in Productions on Windows Version

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Jan 30, 2022 Jan 30, 2022

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Hi There-


I float between using premiere on a mac and a desktop Windows 10 PC.  This is a new machine running the latest version with a 3090 card.


The problem is in Productions, if you change a file name, or a folder name, it does not refresh to the new name after closing the "Rename" menu item.  It displays the old name after closing rename dialog.   You have to close the production, and then re-open the production and then the correct file name or folder name is displayed.  ***This behavior also occurs if you right click and move a folder to the trash.  The folder is still displayed.  You must close the production and re-open it and the file is no longer displayed***.


An Example.

1.  I have a template folder in my productions.  "Template XXXX"

2.  Launch Premiere

3.  Right click on template folder, "Make A Copy"

4.  Explorer in Premiere displays "Template XXXX Copy 01"

5.  Right click on that new folder and rename it to "New copied project"

6.  Folder still shows as "Template XXXX"

7.  Close the production

8.  Reopen the production and folder name now displays as "New Copied Project"


It functions properly on the mac version (of course LOL).


Has anyone else seen this? 



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