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Fixing out of sync audio

Community Beginner ,
Jan 11, 2023 Jan 11, 2023

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When I tried to download the interviews for my film from my memory card, the hard drive wouldn't accept the MP4s because they were too large because of the way it was formatted. I had to split the files into 5-minute segments in the Windows app Movies &TV and save them onto my hard drive. It was a big mistake.


That process converted the frame rate from 29.97 to 30.00 fps, the audio from 16-bit to Compressed, and the color space from xvYCC709 (IEC61966_2_4) to Rec. 709. 


I can live with the lower quality. The problem I need to fix is that the audio now lags 4 frames behind the video in all my interview clips. I have no way to recover the original files, as the memory card has been refilled and formatted many times since then.


What is the best way to remedy this?

Audio , Editing






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