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Ghost intro pane when double-clicking to open project files

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Apr 10, 2024 Apr 10, 2024

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After I launch Premiere Pro, I open projects by navigating in the macOS Finder to the folder that contains the project file (blah.prproj) and double-clicking to open it.  Works fine.

However, when I close the project (Premiere Pro > File > Close Project ) leaving Premiere Pro itself running, and then go to another project file using Finder again and double-clicking on the .prproj file, I end up with a ghost "intro" window.

After I do this multiple times, I have a lot of ghost intro windows and I have to completely exit Premiere Pro to get rid of them.

Not the most critical thing, but very annoying and always fearful that maybe a project will get corrupted or something worse since "something seems wrong".

FWIW, I juggle multiple projects across multiple smaller SSD drives and checkpoint projects during the day using "Premiere Pro > File > Project Manager ... " to different folders/drives, so the only way I trust opening the right version/location of a project is by using double-click from the Finder/disk level.

(TMI, but since Adobe doesn't allow setting larger default fonts, when I use the "Premiere Pro > Open Project ..." method I can't navigate the tiny modal file/folder picker very well because everything is in very tiny fonts and thus I prefer using the actual macOS Finder to navigate first then double-click)

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