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How to "online" a sequence? i.e go from proxies to 8k footage with handles?

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Oct 24, 2021 Oct 24, 2021

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Hi, I need to "Online" a sequence. I'm sure this is out there, but a link or how-to guide would be great! Thank you! 🙂


Details: For my Premiere project that is 6K footage I created proxies for everything and put these on my fast SSD editing drive upon import via Media Composer, then disconnected the original media drives. I cut an amazing 2 min trailer sequence from 40 hours of footage with the proxies. Now I need to "finish". My original 6k footage is on about a dozen slower hard drives (BRAW if you're interested). On Avid the term we used to use when going from low res files to high res was "Onlining".  Basically take a sequence and make a copy - Disconnect all media (or move the sequence to another system w/o the original media) - and have Avid import the used parts of each clip in the sequence in "high res" with 30 frame handles. 


The above process is what I need to do in Premiere (although I don't have to move to another system). But most Proxy posts just say "toggle on/off your high res footage". I can't put all my 6k footage on my editing drives due to space constraints. So I can't simply reconnect my original 6k media.


Some links on how to do this would be great!  What is this process even called in Premiere? Searching for "Onlining a sequence" found zilch here and with google.  😄

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