How to take control of VR view and then release it, and have smooth head turning transitions.

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Feb 10, 2022 Feb 10, 2022

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I have a problem.  I am a Neophyte to Adobe Primeier Pro as well as my new Insta360 One X2 camera and editing it's video.

Lets keep this simple and assume I have one sequence.  I have imported the clip, set my In and Out points and created a Sequence.  I applied the VR Roate Sphere effect.  I Toggled ON the VR Video Display and I set the horizontal and verticle values to 0.0 deg.  Then using the VR Rotate Sphere effect settings I set the Tilt to 5.0 deg and the Pan to 129.0 deg..  Basically truning the VR view around and looking up just a little.  Now within the same sequence I want to keep it here for say 15 seconds and then have the view pan around to a value of -15 deg and tilt down to -5 deg.


I want the effect to look like I'm walking along and then I decided to turn my head and smoothly change the view to this new direction.


I am trying to at least control the opening sequence of the VR experince and then at a given point allow the person to take control and look where ever they would like.  Then, if possible, take control back at certain time and force the view to focus in a given direction and after some time, release control again to the viewer.


It is a 360 video of a hike that at times I want to control what the person sees for a short while and then release control back to the person watching.  I might even want to take control, look a certain way, zoom in on something, slow down the video, and then eventually zoom back out, go back to normak speed and release control back to the viewier.


For the first item I tried cutting the sequence and then changing my view direction but all I ended up with was an abrupt change and not a smooth head turning experince / change.


I thought I had seen people doing this using the Insta360 app by setting focal points and the VR view would simply pan and adjust from one focal point to the other.  However, I do not think the end product was a VR 360 video experince... 


I have found many how to videos online, but none seem to show how to take control of a 360 VR view, move and control the view, keep control for a while and then release control back to the VR viewer.


Appreciate any help or suggested videos I should watch etc....  Meanwhile I'll keep hunting for help...











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