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I did not allow Adobe to uninstall PR 14.2. Why is Adobe going againts pro customers?

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Oct 26, 2021 Oct 26, 2021

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An Open letter to Adobe policymakers: 

Dear Adobe,
your Adobe mindset is standing againts your long term customers and comunity! Why you keep forcing me to update my versions of Premiere I decided to work with? I preffer to stay few years on one stable versions, as I work on many long term projects with various people at once. I wish to edit, not to deal with you updates! 
Creative Cloud (without me knowing!) deleted my long term used verion I share with my various coworkers. You have no clue how harming are you to a creative community dependent on your products!
I wish Adobe completely fires all of its CEOs and decision makers, this is just horrible, how you treat people, and customers. You are an evil corporate to me. 
Dear Adobe, give me back my 14.1 version! I choosed not to delete old version! I DO NOT wish to delete it!!! I need to use it, now! 
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