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i have a 1tb nvme for my os, projects, and cache. how should i go about upgrading?

Community Beginner ,
May 31, 2024 May 31, 2024

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i use a 1tb nvme ssd as my boot drive, i store my current project on it plus as the cache drive in premiere/ae preferrences, once finished, i move the project folder to my archive hdd to be later moved to an external hdd.


i wanted to get another nvme ssd with an enclosure so i can have my project if i needed to take it with me and edit somewhere else (since some clients want me to work in their offices for some parts of the job anyway).


will that make my workflow faster, or should i stick to using my internal ssd?

if i do get an external ssd, should i use it for just my projects or project + media cache?

is it better to store media cache on os drive since its less busy or on project ssd?


thank you.


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