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Inconsistent, and increasing encoding times in with M1?

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Jun 19, 2021 Jun 19, 2021

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Hey Folks,


Trying to export a small ~2 minute timeline. Encoding Helium 8K R3D anamorphic desqueezed to H.264 at a 1920x800 output resolution.

I recently bought the new M1 13" macbook with 16gb of unified, not expecting great things for video editing as I don't plan to edit much of anything after this piece, so please hold the "Well your machine isn't meant for this." comments. That was kind of the point of the purchase.

I'm baffled, though because my old machine (15" 2013 first gen i7 macbook pro with an ancient ~1gb NVIDIA gpu that actually lasted me 8 years) is able to export the exact same timeline in about an hour. The M1 has taken well over 5 hours? Seems like a big differene even considering the lack of optimization.


Even more confusing to me is that I exported another draft of the same project this morning on the M1 and it took roughly 10-15 minutes with the same export settings? The only changes I made were to slightly increase the contrast in a few of my lumetri curves. (5 total clips of changes or so.)


I've tried media encoder and premiere pro with the same snail's pace in both. (I also tried Metal, open cl, and software only for good measure.)


Anyone have any insight on the quirks of M1 and exporting that go beyond it just being new? I'm a camera guy, not a computer/editing mind, so any help no matter how simple would be hugely appreciated.

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