Is it possible for MOGRTs or Live Text Templates to display time code / clips names etc?

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Feb 25, 2022 Feb 25, 2022

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Wondering if it's possible for MOGRTs or LTTs to see (and process) Premiere-side info, e.g. clip names on a track, source & master time code, any other metadata -- not unlike the Premiere effects "Timecode" and "Clip Name" 

The goal here isn't to make up for the fact that those effects are going obsolete.  I trust Adobe's got something better in the works to make up for them before they finally get the boot.
But being able to see and process Premiere-side data in MOGRTs & LTTs would open things up to the power of After Effects:
  • Highly stylized text
  • Expression-translation of the text, so that Premiere-side data can be processed via expression into anything you want.

Real world use case:


VFX workflow on a TV series requires a display of not only the clip name in a timeline but an array of additional metadata associated with each clip. For instance, for each VFX shot, we've got a "shot code" that's completely different than a clip name.  The relationship between the clip names and shot codes is managed in a central database, which in turn can generate a JSON data I could easily drop into an AE Expression.


If I could get an LTT to "see" info on the Premiere side, I could create a reliable, fast custom burn-in.  Currently we're doing a lot of copying and pasting in Avid, which is slow and more prone to error.


I'd love to see Adobe to the rescue here.  It would dramatically speed up our VFX pipeline.

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