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Is the "Sort Icons" menu in icon view ever going to be fixed?

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Feb 14, 2024 Feb 14, 2024

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I've thought about posting this many times over the years and today for whatever reason I finally reached my breaking point. This problem has existed for over a decade now (at least as far back as the introduction of hover scrub in CS6) and it just drives me nuts.


When in icon view mode, if you open the "Sort Icons" menu, it usually doesn't choose the option you actually select. Also, sorting properly in list view then choosing "List View Sort" doesn't actually change to list view sorting.


In my example below, the shooter provided a wide mix of footage from drone and DSLR, mostly as .MOVs, some clips have audio, and some of the DSLR clips have also been converted to MP4s (not pictured). I usually organize by lable type but with this shooter's weird mix of files I have to sort by file name:


list view.jpg


But I work in thumbnail view, which as you can see, is using "Label" sort, even after clicking on "Name" as is highlighted in the screen cap:


Taken after clicking on "Name", "Label" is still selected.Taken after clicking on "Name", "Label" is still selected.


Choosing "List View Sort" doesn't actually change to the list view sorting shown above, it just keeps the clips "Label" order:


icon view 2.jpg


In order to get icon view to actually sort by name, I have to choose a category which is blank in list view, like "Tape Name":


icon view 3.jpg


This problem has persisted for me across three different Adobe accounts, at least 10 different machines (including 3 right now), both Windows and Mac, on every version of Adobe for at least the past 12 years, so there's no way I'm alone here.


Is there a workaround? Yes. Is it utterly stupid that this is still a problem that seems like it should've been fixed ages ago? Yes. I just want my sort icons menu to do what it's actually supposed to do...


And yes, I've submitted this as a bug report several times before, and am doing it again right now just for the sake of it.

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