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Linking MOGRT files when sharing projects

New Here ,
Mar 24, 2023 Mar 24, 2023

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Is there an efficient way to link MOGRT files when projects are being shared back and forth between users? I run a small editing business where each editor edits off of their own drive. One issue that we are running into is anytime someone downloads a MOGRT template or creates their own in AE, the next person receiving the project is unable to link the mogrt files, even if the entire folder (containing everything pertaining to that project is shared). Premiere creates an aegraphic file everytime a MOGRT is dragged into the sequence, so I'm not sure if these files aren't being copied along with the folder, or if some other issue is occuring. I was only able ot locate one board that addressed this issue specifically, and none of the solutions seemed to be efficient at the time.


If it's relevant, we all have access to a central NAS where all files are saved. However, we don't have a strong enough internet to edit off of the NAS directly. So the NAS merely operates as a central hub to transfer content and store any past projects should they need redownloaded. Not sure if this could be incorporated in some way to fix the issue or not.


To summarize:


1. When a project is shared or duplicated to another user's drive (with all of the assets) why aren't the aegraphic files taken with it?

2. Is there an effective way/plugin that will automatically link mogrts?

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