M1 Max/Pro Best export settings for YouTube and CBR vs. VBR CBR not compatible with M1 Max?

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Jun 08, 2022 Jun 08, 2022

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If you want the best export setting I was told to export using the lates HEVC (H.265) Render at maximum depth, Use maximum Render quality. Hardware encoding, square pixels, Tier set to high, HDR Graphics set to 100(63% HLG,) Using CBR set to 50 for a timeline exporting in 24fps.


I understand this results in larger file sizes, and there are more efficient (meaning faster, slightly less quality) settings out there. Some of Adobe's out of the box settings work fine. 


Heres my issue, I recently moved to M1 Max from PC, I was using a razer blade 15 with a rtx 2080. With that machine I can use hardware acceleration, and use CBR set to 100, while using h.264 everything set to render at maximum, but I can't do this or the above exprot settings without Hardware accelaration being turned off. 


As long as I use VBR hardware acceleration stays on, or if I use my PC with those settings no issue with hardware acceleration. It's a 3 hour export for a 4 minute video on m1 max using the H.265 settings from above.


Here is my questions....


  • Is there a way to get CBR to work with M1 max? (if so what are the maximum bit rates or suggested)
  • Is there a way to export using H.265 using CBR while keeping hardware acceleration on?
  • What are the best export settings for YouTube for highest quality period? (what is its feasability as it relates to export time?) How compatible is it with M1 max archetecture? Im not too conserned about saving hard drive space. 
  • Lastly where does one go to find this information for them selves if that place exists?
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