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mov thumbnails charging slow

Community Beginner ,
Dec 19, 2022 Dec 19, 2022

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mov video thumbnails are charging slow, doesnt care if they're AVC from Nikon or HEVC from DJI, thumbnails are charging always slow. im using premiere pro since decades and the thumbnails always charge slowly also another thing i hate a lot its the fact that they have all that slow config for thumbnails in the media browser, i have always to chose the filters of the type of video i want to see, why u guys cant save the config for all the future projects, all my videos are in MOV format why i have to chose the mov filter in the media browser to show that vids? also theyre always charging slowly even if i have an core i9, 64gb ram, rtx 3090, it doesnt care i feel like u guys are not thinking about what its practical or how can the app be automatically cofigurated to the owner, why i have to config all everytime i want to do a new project? if u cant solve that at least improve the thumbnails performence, also fix the fact that if i do a little change in the folder where the files are ubicated all the thumbnails have to charge again and the ubication of the screen changes to the beginning, thanks








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