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MP4 and GoPro RX Reframe plug-in

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Feb 21, 2023 Feb 21, 2023

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Hi. I've been sent footage shot with a 360 degree GoPro camera. Usually, I get the raw 360 (shot in 4K), convert it through the GoPro Player, and use GoPro RX Reframe to make it editable. Simple. Problem is, the guy sent me mp4 format files which have the same 4K scope and shot on the same camera (must be a different mode), but I can't manipulate or fully revolve without the image becoming distorted or warped. I tried using the raw file, I tried converting it into a Cineform and a smaller HEVC, and toggling the Projection source image, but it just isn't fully correct. The 4K projection is the closest to correct,but even then, if I try to pan 180 degrees, it'll be distorted by the time I reach that point. I pretty much want to tell this guy that I can't do anything fancy with this footage like I can with the raw 360 files, but I wanted to check here in case maybe I'm missing a step or something. Thanks. 

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