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Mult-cam Select Camera now STOPS playback

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May 13, 2023 May 13, 2023

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Sorry... I can't tell if this is a bug, or an intended UI/workflow change.


I'm a heavy Multi-Cam editor, taking multiple Zoom raw videos and switching between them while scrubbing through... clicking the 1, 2, or 3 numeric buttons on the top of the keyboard to switch between cameras.  I've been doing this reliably for 3 years.



Today, I updated from Premiere Pro 23.2 to 23.4, and now when clicking 1 (when Camera 2 is active) to Select Camera 1, three things happen:

  • Playback stops
  • A cut is made at the current location
  • Camera 1 is assigned to the JUST COMPLETED segment.


Previously clicking 1 would "silently" make a cut and assign Camera 1 to the segment AFTER the cut point... switching from Camera 2 to Camera 1, like real TV switching works.  By "silently", I mean that playback would continue, and when playback was stopped, all of the camera selections and cuts would appear on the timeline.


WHY NOW is this different???  I see that Control-1 will CUT to Camera 1, but I've never had to use this before.


A side note: I'm also having problems now with the arrove keys while scrubbing through.  I used to be able to reliably hit left/right to move to previous/next frame, and up/down to move to previous/next cut.  Now it most often but not always won't work -- even after stopping the playback... If I switch to another window or another sequence and come back, it all works correctly again.  Doubel kudos to anyone that solves both issues! Thank you!!

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