MXF Files in a Sequence Metadata Issue, Appear as One File

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Aug 31, 2021 Aug 31, 2021

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This will be a little difficult to explain, but I'm going to try and due so as a series of steps and remove any personal/situational info. I'll make it as brass-taxy as I can! 


1. Imported MXF files into Premiere Pro. Files shot at once in a sequence have the same name but different number label (as usual). Example: JA2201, JA2202, and JA2203. I believe they were shot on a C200 or C300 or both.

2. I drag all three to the timeline, expecting them to begin where the previous one ended. To my surprise, each file seemed to contain the same 15 minutes of footage, as if each was a copy of the first, so I only cut the first clip: JA2201.

3. Time jump ahead. Project is finished.

4. Client wants full project. I used Project Manager to Collect Files from my original hard drive to the client's hard drive. Successful copy of all files.

5. I copied all cache folders from original hard drive onto client's hard drive.

6. Ejected original drive, closed Premiere, opened Premiere, set Media Cache location to new spot on client's hard drive. Opened the copied project from client's drive. 

7. MXF files are linked but have Zebra lines. Appears to be a metadata issue.

8. Through trial and error, I realize that those original three clips (JA2201, JA2202, and JA2203) no longer contain all of the same information. The 15 minutes has now been broken up into three 5 minute segments. Where one ends, the next begins--as I had originally thought would be the case when I first added them to the timeline.

8a. (One of ways I discoverd this was looking at my original sequence with the first clip (JA2201) that I was cutting from. Only the first third of the clip was playing and the remaining 2/3 of the clip had zebra lines and was blank.)

9. So this has created a major problem. Every MXF clip I had, where I used the proverbial final "2/3rds" of   a clip from all the "JA2201"s in my project instead of the first portion that actually belonged to that file are now unlinked and silent. 

10. I can't just unlink and relink the file, because the information that was originally in JA2201 is now in either JA2202 or JA2203.

11. I am doing a drag and drop method to copy all of the files once again to my clients hard drive to see if the problem persists after using that method. I really hope it doesn't, because then the client won't be able to open and use the project as is without me re-editing over half of this Sequence. 


Here are two clips to help explain.

The first one "project-collected."

You can see that the clip plays through and stops where there are zebra lines. The clips that were filmed in the sequence begin where the previous one ends.


The second one "project-original."

The clip plays through and does not stop; there are no zebra stripes. Each clip in the sequence (there are six) contains the exact same information 


Does anyone have any advice on: 

How do I fix this so that the first MXF file once again contains all the information from the remaining clips filmed in that sequence?

Should I have taken a different approach when importing these files originally so that they didn't all appear as one clip? Or is that how it's supposed to work?

Does there seem to be any connection between collecting the files through Project Manager?

(Essentially, what did I eff up, how do I un-eff it, is this my fault, is it the software, is it the files... any advice you can bring would be AMAZING!)


Thank you so very much for any attention and response this receives, heroes.

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