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My performance with a 5950x - $% CPU usage - Stunning achievement Adobe.

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Jul 21, 2021 Jul 21, 2021

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After years of dealing with poor performance and Adobe apologists on this forum I'm only posting this as a warning to others that think spending thousands on a new machine will magically give you significan and consistent improvements while working.  It will not.  I've been with Adobe for 2 decades and no matter the machine, we still see tons of bugs, crashes and performance issues. Worst of all it rarely takes advantage of all the power your CPU has available which makes it unique compared almost all other modern software.  It's been consistent over time with me and everyone that does this for a living.



Problem: rendering a project with a simple 1080p video, NO EFFECTS, and a simple PNG graphic overlay, my CPU usage is never above 8% on Adobe products. Only rarely do I see it utilize all the cores.  Compared to something as simple as Handbrake which ALWAYS uses all my cores.  Other NLEs utilize all the cores as well. 


The RIG:

Fresh installs of Windows and Adobe (3 months ago) 5950x, 4tb Gen 4 M2 SSDs, 64GB DDR4 3600 RAM, GTX 1070 on a Tomahawk 570 board.  At this date, fully updated on both windows and Adobe.


Would like to hear from others experiencing this and don't really need the "works great for me" crowd or my buddy ED who feels compelled to comment on every single thread lol"

We're transitioning to Davinci for a lot of work, but we do rely on Adobe and in the end time is money and we're spending way too much of it not working and either waiting, figuring out workarounds or typing posts like this.








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