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Neural Filters and Premiere Pro- best ways to make them work together?

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Dec 22, 2023 Dec 22, 2023

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I´ve started to use Neural Filters (NF), in Photoshop (PS), to give colours to 80-100 years old black and white photos. In 80-90 percent of the cases it works very good. But the problem starts when I import the NF-pics to Premiere Pro.

My questions are:

1. I´ve faced the problem that my computer (MacBook pro 2017) starts to "stall"/freeze/has the "beachball" rolling directly after I´ve imported them to the timeline.  Sometimes the PP crash. But the next day it works ok. My question is: In which format (psd, Tiff or Jpeg) shall I save the NF-pictures to make them work smootly in PP? 


2. The size of the pic (file) varies betwwen psd, Tiff or Jpeg.  Jpeg seems to create the smallest files but when I choose "Jpeg" (when I save and the "TIFF-altenatives"-frame come up and under the "imagecompression" choose Jpeg) it creates a file that cant be used in PP, why? (If I choose "no compression" all works)


3. I´m not sure that I fully get hoe I shalll use the layersystem when using NF in PS, could someone please explain....? If I have a bunch of pics that I treat with NF (on top of each others) each pic creates a layer and th NF creates "underlayers" to the pic. But when I import the top pics, in psd, tol PP I get the questio if I want to merge all layers. If I answer yes, it takes a long time to import and I´m not sure how to handle these layers/pics. Is it better to create one file for each picture in PS than handling several pics in one file?


4: is there anyway I can use NF for videos?


Thanks in advance 







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