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Notice performance slow down when a project gains more media

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Nov 17, 2021 Nov 17, 2021

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Hey there kids!

Wandering if anyone has seen this arise.  I know what most will think when I mention the specs of the computer I'm using but up to now things have started to get noticeably sluggish.  We will be upgrading systems in a few months so there's that.

BUT for now we are working on 2013 Mac Pros (yep, getting the money out of em). OS 10.14.6 and cutting on Premiere v 14.9 because it is the most stable with the current systems.  64 gigs RAM.  Media Raids are mostly clear with 15 TB free space and OS system drives are plenty clear with 500 gigs space or more.

So we notice, the more we work in a project and the more media the project takes on that Premiere gets more buggy.  Slow responding to playback controls, such as hit spacebar and it will take 10 secs to 2 mins for it to actually start playing...then if you hit spacebar to stop it will wait for a while before actually stopping.  We are also using Black Magic ultra 4k and drivers associated.  But just curious thang.

Thanks for any advice...

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