Playhead and Scrolling issues

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Feb 14, 2022 Feb 14, 2022

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Hi All... Recently had to setup a "new" machine, so a fresh install of CC apps and since then been having this issue with Premiere Pro and the time line.


I am a "No Scroll" kinda person, so I changed this setting.


Normally when I play the timeline, if the playhead moves outside of the workspace and I wanted to come back to the section I was working on... I could simply click above the video layers on the timeline graduations and the playhead would return to this point in time I have clicked on. 


Versus if you just hit spacebar (or start/stop) then the work area would jump to where the playhead is.


Now if I clicked above the layers like before, the playhead doesnt even stop where it was last playing. It goes to a random time in the workspace.


Its exceptionally annoying to have to be in 2022 and be lost on the timeline like this. Dont think I need to mention how unproductive this is either..... 


Anyone else have this issue, any fixes out there for this that does not involve a baseball bat, an empty field and some TPS reports.... 

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