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Premier Pro clears RAM when I press alt + tab and playback is paused

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Feb 21, 2024 Feb 21, 2024

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Premier pro Windows 10.

Premiere Pro Freezes When Alt Tabbing

In the premiere, I edit several videos totaling 10 hours.
In general, nothing freezes normally, even in fullhd it works in plyaback and everything seems to be cached in RAM + video card memory.
But when I make premier pro an inactive window, for example, switch to the browser, I notice in the task manager that the RAM from 15 GB drops to 13 GB, I go back to premier pro and turn on playback in premier pro, wait 5 seconds and playback starts, everything is instant without lags I can rewind moments, watch complex effects and so on, there are no lags and I notice that the memory in the RAM again rises by 3 - 5 GB.

The problem is not with my components. (and I have an rtx 3060 ti + nvme 2tb + 32gb ddr4), but the fact is that when I change the ACTIVE window from premier pro to another, optimization works and clears data from RAM for the program.

By the way, I noticed that if I click on the play button in the playback and press alt + tab on another program and return to premier pro again, everything will work fine for me and there will be no loading of the video into RAM. But if you do the same thing, but when playback is paused, then the RAM will be cleared and you will have to wait again for 5-10 seconds to load into RAM.

I looked through all the settings and forums, but found nothing.
Some optimizer breaks everything.
I also disabled hardware acceleration of GPU scheduling in win 10, didn't help.
I reinstalled the nvidia drivers from game ready in driver studio.

Perhaps the problem lies in this version, that the developers in the code were unable to set the normal priority for the use of RAM.

Error or problem , Freeze or hang , Hardware or GPU , Performance






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