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Premiere 22.5.0 Display Color is CRUSHING BLACKS

Community Beginner ,
Aug 24, 2022 Aug 24, 2022

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This issue has really been bugging me and I've been trying to get to the bottom of it. 


I calibrate my computer monitors using the i1 Display, and the picture has always looked close to what I see on my FS Monitor, which is going through an UltraStudio 3G monitor. However, with one of these latest updates, Premiere started crushing my shadows into straight blacks that I see on my computer monitor. The FS monitor was showing so much detail and less contrast than what I was seeing in my viewer window and the difference is infuriating.


Of course, I thought it was the display color management option first, but even checking and comparing with that option turned on and off, it made little to no difference.


However, when I switched my display color proifle in my computer settings to a Generic REC709 2.4 profile, all the sudden my shadows are back. Same goes with a Generic sRGB profile. 


This leads me to believe that something with display color management is incompatible with the custom profiles that i1Profiler is creating. This never used to be a problem, but Premiere keeps on trying to shift the colors around automatically without giving the user any real control over color management.


Why can PPro no longer support my calibrated color profiles?


macOS monterey 12.4

Apple M1 Max

Error or problem , User interface or workspaces







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