Premiere Pro Community Digest — September 2021

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Sep 13, 2021 Sep 13, 2021

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Premiere Pro Community Digest - September 2021


What's new Premiere Pro Community? Community Digest time for the month of September. Labor Day is now behind us, and it's the traditional "beginning of the school year," the 4th quarter. All the best to all of you in the Fall Season that is kicking off soon.


Point Release

Have you updated Premiere Pro lately? You may have noticed the point release of Premiere Pro! It's Premiere Pro 2021, version 15.4.1. Checked it out yet? If you have not yet downloaded it, it's available on the Creative Cloud application. Click the Update button to update Premiere Pro to 15.4.1.


Community Events

Still no live events, but we did have two Adobe Video Community Meetups on August 25 and August 27. This time we had the Audition Team featuring Audition Product Manager, Durin Gleaves, focusing on podcasting. The first live stream also featured Erica Schisler, Sr. Product Manager, and Theresa Rosteck, Sr. Production Associate, who shared ideas to make podcasts richer and more interesting. Part 2 of the first video featured longtime Audition expert, Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. Mike was also the featured guest on the second podcast, as well. Missed these live streams? No problem, you can watch the replay and here for Part 2. The next one coming up is tentatively on the last Wednesday in September, so mark your calendars now.


Adobe MAX is coming up soon!
I encourage you to sign up for MAX and begin forming your schedule now. We can discuss this more and help you with links here.


Any Problems with 15.4.1?

Having trouble with 15.4.1? You may want to so scroll down to be aware of any issues and common fixes. These are tips meant to save you time and trouble. Anything uncommon happening? Use the force! Create a new post. The community is here to assist!

Let's take a look back at August and ahead to the rest of September 2021.

The August release of Premiere Pro (version 15.4.1) has been released. This is a point release, which includes: A fix for an issue where using edit tools on clips can produce flickering in the Program Monitor.


Latest Features

Checking in to see if you've spent any time getting to know 15.4. If not, have a look at the latest features. If you have time, reading through the features could make your workflow smoother and might clear up minor changes in the application. 

Premiere Pro Beta

Premiere Pro Beta Announcements: It's always a good idea to stop by the Premiere Pro Beta forum to see what's going on with any new features that have come out. See these recent discussions.


Have you checked out the beta version of Premiere Pro? It's super simple to get:

  • Download the application from the Creative Cloud application.
  • The left sidebar contains a tab called "Beta Apps."
  • Just check that and you'll see the application.
  • Click the Install button.

AdobeStock_38070606_01.jpgPremiere Pro Team Blog Posts

In August, there were some Premiere Pro Team blog posts were published. These are links to the articles related to Adobe Premiere Pro and some stories from the Premiere Pro filmmaking community. Just a few Team Blog posts overall this month, but worth your attention.

AdobeStock_228356863_01.jpgLatest Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (15.4.1)

Full documentation on the latest features here.


AdobeStock_266718716_01.jpgBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

Discuss: Hardware Acceleration Decode for 4:2:2 10 bit H264/HEVC now available on MAC ARM Beta.

Discuss: Hardware Acceleration for HEVC 10-bit is now available on Windows Intel.

Discuss: New Simplify Sequence feature available in Premiere Pro (Beta).


Discuss more here.

AdobeStock_268787786_01.jpgTop Troubleshooting threads

Issues with 15.4.1? We'll leave the 15.4 issues up as most of them are still with us, unfortunately, but first, a personal word of advice that may help you troubleshoot any issue:


  • Close projects, then delete cacheClose projects, then delete cacheTroubleshooting Steps: Deleting Media Cache Tip. You might not be aware that all projects need to be closed to perform this step properly. Choose File > Close All Projects. Then, choose Preferences > Media Cache and choose to delete ALL cache. Restart Premiere Pro. It's the second button, not the first, and it turns blue so that ensures you're doing it correctly. I like to delete preferences while restarting Premiere Pro, just press the Alt/Option button as you launch it. The rule of thumb is to delete media cache every time you update Premiere Pro. Though the cache takes some time to rebuild on larger projects, with this tip, you will have fewer problems and better performance with your system and current projects. 

AdobeStock_291950881_01.jpgCool New How-to Content

Here are some great new "How To" technique threads, videos, and other stuff you may find interesting. If you have a cool tutorial or technique to share with the community, please drop Kevin a message.

Automated Karaoke Subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro
by Video Revealed

Creating Captions with Transcripts
by Adobe Video and Audio

How to Create a Spinning Camera Blur Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro (The Weeknd Music Video)
By Justin Odisho

How to export captions and .SRT files with Premiere Pro Product Manager Francis Crossman

by Adobe Care


Loop Music Automatically in Premiere Pro using Adobe Audition
by Javier Mercedes

Steve GriffithsSteve GriffithsFeatured ACP - Steve Griffiths

This month's Featured ACP is Steve Griffiths. I wanted to thank Steve for his professional contributions to the Premiere Pro community since 2015. Today, Steve has 537 responses to fellow editors. These are all excellent answers to questions with a super high rate of "Likes" at nearly 40%. That's awesome, Steve! I've known Steve for a long while now from our common interests in the video post community which Steve has served so well. I asked Steve a little about his life and career, so he filled me in on some details. Here you go.

Steve’s dream was to work at Industrial Light & Magic. That fell by the wayside when he managed to burn off his hair attempting to film a zero-gravity explosion in the garage as a teenager. But at least the shot was worth it (

Eidophor projector, 1984Eidophor projector, 1984

He has worked in video & television from age 17 on games shows, sports, corporates, and music videos.  In the ’80s Steve worked on concerts for the likes of David Bowie, The Police & Springsteen operating the largest video projector at the time called an Eidophor.  These days he does a lot of freelance work with Australia’s National Broadcaster and gets to edit and create graphics for one of his favorites shows of all time - Media Watch. 

In the late '90s, Steve helped found the ever-popular Media Motion Ball, held each year at the NAB Conference in Las Vegas. This event is a long-running celebration for the editing & motion graphics community. Steve has been involved since it began in 1998. He is closely involved in the Media Motion Ball's continuing evolution and is, therefore, very involved in the Adobe post-production community. 

The Police, Melbourne, 1984The Police, Melbourne, 1984

Steve still runs his own Sydney-based video production company Visionlink - founded in 1988. He has been in the television production business for 38 years. And still loves going to work!


Thanks again for volunteering your time to the forums and community and for sharing a little about yourself here, Steve. If you have a moment, send a message to Steve and give him a personal thanks if you have been one of the hundreds of people helped out by Steve. Thank you again, Steve!


That's about it for the Premiere Pro Community Digest for September 2021. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next month.

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Premiere Pro Community Digest — September 2021








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