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Premiere Pro Export gradually using 99% of my RAM

Community Beginner ,
May 27, 2024 May 27, 2024

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GPU 6750XT Challenger Pro


HDD free space 589GB

Premiere pro Virsion 24.4


I recently recorded 1 hour and 34 mins long Hellblade 2 gameplay using AMD adrenaline recorder (at 3200×1800 res) and wanted to edit that in premiere pro with only lumetri colour as an effect and simple cuts.


My export settings are, h.264, resolution 3840×2160 (i scaled it from 3200×1800), hardware encoding, render at max depth and quality, level 5.2. After that I hit export.


Premiere pro started eating RAM 1 percent in every 5-10 seconds and soon it's exceeding allocated RAM level 21gb. After a few minutes it crashes. The first crash error was "bad allocation while creating disk"....... I deleted media cache and tried to export but same thing again.


I tried changing the page file settings for my D drive by turning it on and setting to "system managed" and then i hit export.....after 80% crashed again with error code -1609629690.


It's never like i haven't exported long form gameplay videos using premiere pro but this time I can't do it no matter what i try I don't know why.


One another peculiar thing is, while on the export pannel the RAM usage was rising gradually too when i didn't even touch the "export" button . And every time I minimise and maximize the task manager the RAM usage drops down from 39% to 20% all of a sudden. But this trick didn't work during export, RAM usage kept rising up.


Plus, after hitting "ok" button on the crash error pop up the export gets cancelled but the RAM usage stays stuck at the last peak usage Percentage. It only drops when i close premiere completely.



Any solution for this?

Crash , Editing , Error or problem , Export , Formats , Hardware or GPU , Import , Performance






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