Premiere won't batch link Cinema .DNG Proxies that it created

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Jun 03, 2022 Jun 03, 2022

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I'm in the process of ingesting for a documentary edit, I have 8TB of footage and it's been a process working with 6K cinema .dng files from a Mavic Inspire.


Proxy generation has been consistently causing Premiere to freeze with the good ole pinwheel, I've started doing small batches in order to get it done but the cinema .dng files freeze premiere no matter how small the batch and I have to force quit and relink the proxies every time they finish in Media Encoder. This would not be that big of a problem except that when I try to relink them the files won't automatically link and I have to manually link one at a time. The proxies are generated by Premiere with matching file names and the _proxy label on them. I'm having to manually link thousands of these clips which obviously is not ideal.


Is there a way to get to premiere to recognize these files and link them?

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