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Proxies & iPhone 13 Pro - bad export, audio out of sync

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Oct 28, 2021 Oct 28, 2021

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I hope someone can help me. I only have about a year of experience when it comes to premiere. I have had a steady workflow when it comes to editing dji drone videos and iPhone 11 pro videos. I was editing on premiere 2019 because it works best with my graphics card NVIDIA Quadro P1000. 


I would download the iphone videos from icloud and then drag it into the project...some videos will be portrait and some will be landscape...I found an ingest preset online to help me with the different sizes:





I would also include my dji drone files in most of the edits. Everything would work awesome and I rarely had any issues. Again, I wish I knew more about exactly what I am doing and why it does what it does but I am trying my best.  


Now I upgraded to the iPhone 13pro and it changed everything, especially the cinematic videos. I think it has to do with the HEVC files...some of the other iPhone files are h264. I have also noticed that the properties settings for some clips have the dimensions in reverse, I attached a screenshot....so I am losing my mind for the last two days, watching youtube video after youtube video.....I have been able to create the proxies using the same ingest above and then when I export and watch the video it lags and the audio is out of sync and skips around....I have also tried creating my own ingest using h264 with the correct sizes to match the aspect ratio but still nothing...I am now realizing that even my 4k 60fps is using HEVC....now in the past I never paid attention to this...I would set up my sequence to a preset which is 30fps and then I would slow down whatever clip is 60fps or 120fps for slo-motion. 


I have also tried this on the 2021 premiere but my pc just can't keep up. I am pulling my hair out, I called adobe and even shared my screen and the only thing I learned was that my premiere version needs to match the media encoder version. 


I also learned that iCloud has an option with a little arrow to download the unmodified original files. Which I learned it's all the 4k size files which is great. My goal is to just edit videos for my clients and create content, I do not consider myself an amazing video editor but I am good enough that I built a business out of it. 


So please help me if you can...how should I create proxies for portrait and landscape and for HEVC...and if possible on the 2019 premiere. I have been at this for 2 and half days. I am even willing to pay someone to teach me how to do this 😞

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