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Reducing minor flicker from Apple iPhone 4K UHD 60fps footage on 50fps 4KUHD Premiere sequence.

Enthusiast ,
Jun 12, 2024 Jun 12, 2024

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I was wondering if anyone had any specific experience of using latest iPhone 4KUHD 60fps footage on 50 fps timelines

I'm editing prpjects with 50fps timeline/sequences and unfortunately, Apple in their wisdom do not support 50fps as an option on iPhone 15 Pro ...or other devices as far as I know.

As I'm doing travel videos I prefer to use higher frame rates particularly when motion is a factor.

I'm not interested in using 24 fps or slower rates to give 'cinematic feel' unless I need it.

I use 4K media sources from my mirrorless Panasonic camera and DJI Pocket 3 - all support 50fps of course.


Dropping 60 fps footage from iPhone onto a Premiere Pro 50fps  timeline works of course and I've used Optical Flow in Time interpolation to improve/smooth the transition.

Its not bad,  but not great. If you have even quite a slow panning shot  - say, with trees in the background you can get slight flicker/minor strobe effect  due to dropped frames.

I think I read Apple do not record with a totally constant frame rate either.

I also use Topaz Video Ai from time to time for improving video footage.

I've tried this to alter the frame rate to 50fps from 60fps  and comparing Premiere Pro with the Topaz method I see very little difference in overall result.

Has anyone any tips /experience in improving this and reducing 60 to 50fps  flicker as much as possible -  as I can't see Apple suddenly adding 50fps capability just because I requested it the other day 🙂

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