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Reliable ingest in Premiere Pro requires reboot

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Nov 23, 2021 Nov 23, 2021

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Scenario: I am importing footage into Premiere Pro, using copy and create proxies. The footage was shot on a Canon C300, and is being imported from portable SSDs that are copies of the CF cards, via Hedge.


What happens: The first time I do an ingest after a reboot, everything goes reasonably well. Media Encoder launches, loads up the copy-and-convert jobs reasonably fast, does them, and all's well. Every time after the first, things start getting progressively worse and worse: Media Encoder takes a very long time (like, 45 seconds  or more) between jobs when loading them from Premiere, Media Encoder often just picks some wild random preset instead of the correct one, or just freezes entirely.


I can reboot, and things go back to normal, but rebooting after every ingest is really not a great workflow. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any possible things to try?

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