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Relinking Media of Different Resolution from Resolve on Timeline Question

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Sep 12, 2021 Sep 12, 2021

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I'm finishing my first feature and have painted myself into a Noob corner with proxy workflow and am looking for a way out. 


I have a sequence cut with PP made proxies (920X1080) from 4K .ari files. Our finishing house has asked that for this sequence, I convert the RAW files to Log C in Resolve using their specs and then deliver the sequence as a single piece in Prores4444. When I offline the proxies and relink the Log C (3168 × 1782), it, of course, plays hell with the aspect ratio. Also, the opacity layers, keyframed position and motion blur effects, etc are a mess. 


Would the best course of action be to change the sequence settings res to 3168X1782, then remake the FX shot by shot or set each clip to "Set to Frame Size," or is there some better workaround to preserve my FX work in the cut or at least minimize the fixes I have to do to get this thing out in the required format? 


This was their reccomended workflow, but I am also wondering if it would not have been better to import an edl into Resolve and do all the transcoding and final export from there. 


On the one yard line and suddenly in way over my head.









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