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Relinking problems between mac and pc

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May 22, 2023 May 22, 2023

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Hi there! Our team is having some difficulties, as follows.

  1. An editor originally created the project, using Premiere Pro on Machine 1, a Mac, with all footage on a Lacie external hard drive.and it works fine.
  2. She handed the project over, and we then had to move the project across to our team's setup, which is via google drive*. Obviously the files are in a different location, and in some cases have different names, but after a quick bit of relinking it all worked fine. This is now on Machine 2, a Windows 10 machine. It works perfectly.
  3. I actually split the editing 50-50 between Machine 2 (the Windows 10 machine, in our studio) and Machine 3, a Windows 11 machine in a different location, using the same Google Drive setup. No problems at all.
  4. I bounced back and forward between Machine 2 and Machine 3 for months, no problem at all, just working off the Google Drive. "Media File Path" and "Media File Name" all show the correct location on google drive. Everything's working normally so far.
  5. Someone else tries to open the file using the same Google Drive setup, on Machine 4, a Mac this time...and almost everything is unlinked. And not only that - the places it's searching for the files are all the original locations from Machine 1's Lacie drive, even though they were all relinked on Machine 2 and worked fine on both Machine 2 & 3?!
  6. If Machine 4 was searching for the files in the location for Machine 2 & 3, this would be easy to relink - every single file is in the same place relative to the project file. But it's looking for the files in the places they were on Machine 1.
  7. As an attempt at fixing it, I actually tried 'replacing' one of the files with itself on Machine 2, but it still shows up on Machine 4 as missing and it's trying to find it on the original Lacie drive from Machine 1!
  8. All of the files that have been added since moving to Machine 2 (ie, linked from the Google Drive rather than the Lacie Drive) work fine on Machines 2, 3 and 4. But none of the files that were added on Machine 1 worked properly on Machine 4, despite working fine on Machines 2 & 3 since they were relinked.

    Soooo...how do we fix this? Ideally we'd be able to open the project on machine 2,3, or 4 (all just opening it via the same folder structure relative to the project file) and it would work on machine 4 (the mac) as well as machines 2 & 3 (the PCs)? Newly added files work fine, but how can we make the old files work?

    *sure, local files would be better but we're a remote studio in several locations so it's our only option, and actually I don't think it's the issue here? Actually wondering if this is a mac/pc issue like this one: https://community.adobe.com/t5/premiere-pro-discussions/relink-automatically-not-happening/m-p/11083....
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