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Remixed Audio Out of Sync

Community Beginner ,
Aug 20, 2022 Aug 20, 2022

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Ive used the Essential Audio Remix feature a decent amount of times. I noticed early on some odd behavior when trying to undo the remix and when trying to locate the nested sequence or new file it's created to remix. And today it bit me hard in the ***.


Got a new PC, transferred all of the project files, took forever for premiere to locate them and everything looks great. New PC does an immediate playback, unlike my previous PC. But I soon realize the sync on the remixed audio track is all shifted, out of sync. So any cut I made to create my own remix the remix are messed up and it would be a painstaking manual process to fix...... in 31 videos!


So, what gives? Why is the sync off when relinking? What is remix actually doing to the reference to the file because properties tells me it's the same audio/music file but when I right-click both "reveal in project" and "reveal in explorer" (windows) are greyed out, not options..... on my first PC, where the sync is correct, and there are no playback problems.

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