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Jul 21, 2022 Jul 21, 2022

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Wondering if anyone else has had this particular issue.  I try to render in out and it renders to about 95% and then just sits there slowly churning but never completes no matter how long it sits there.  I have left it go overnight and it still just sits there kind of stuck.  This only happens every dozen or so projects and never a clear culprit.   I have cleared cache and done the usual troubleshooting.  I think I narrowed down to either working in BRAW or possibly Motion Array plug-ins/effects - possibly a combination of the two?  My solution is to render out what I can in bits n pieces and nest some layers then render "sections".  It never seems to be any particulat part that hangs up rather just at about 95% completion.  I am on a iMac Pro 2017, Monterey 12.4,  running Premiere 22.2 (it has happened on other versions of OS and Premiere prior).  I do not believe it is a performance issue.  Rather, I think some sort of bug with the plug ins or Black Magic plug in or files.  I would like to get rid of Motion Array to see if that solves it but I have several archived projects that I used there templates and plug ins.  Plus, I am not certain that is the culprit and recreating the problem is hit and miss.  If anyone else has had this issue with similar set ups I would love to hear if there was a solution - Thanks!

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