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Retreive current frame as float data within UserChangedParam()

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Sep 03, 2021 Sep 03, 2021

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Hi Community,


I'm creating a video effect for Premiere Pro using the AE Effects Plugin SDK and I'd like to analyse the current frame when the user pushes a button and then set some parameters based on the analysis.


I managed to retrieve the current frame using PF_CHECKOUT_PARAM from within UserChangedParam() however the returned layer is formatted as PrPixelFormat_ARGB_4444_8u and I need higher precision than 8-bit for the type of analysis being done.


I'm already setting the flags PF_OutFlag_DEEP_COLOR_AWARE, PF_OutFlag2_FLOAT_COLOR_AWARE and PF_OutFlag2_SUPPORTS_SMART_RENDER as well as only specifying PrPixelFormat_BGRA_4444_32f as the supported format in GlobalSetup().


Is there any way to retrieve the current frame as float data during the UserChangedParam() callback? The only aternative I see so far is to cache every frame from the Render() callback which would be wasteful.








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