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Select all tracks within two cuts

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Jun 19, 2024 Jun 19, 2024

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On the advice of a Youtube video, I remapped my keys so Z is a cut (Add  Edit) and X is a ripple delete. The Q key deletes from the playhead to the previous cut and the W key deletes from the playhead to the next cut. I am editing with several tracks (including slides) above the original video. What I want to happen - and what I think was happening prior to the latest update - is for the Z key to cut all tracks, selected or not, and for the X key to ripple delete all tracks, selected or not. I want the Q and W keys likewise to affect all tracks. I have been happily editing for a few years with this working well for fast editing but now, suddenly, Z will only cut all unselected tracks and X will only ripple delete if I drag across all tracks (by the way I have Linked Selection checked and Selection Follows Playhead unchecked. All tracks are targeted). The Q and W keys also require all tracks to be selected. Has the funtionality of Premiere Pro changed or have my  settings been upset. Any advice gratefully received.

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