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Setting an initial calculated value on a PF_PUI_STD_CONTROL_ONLY parameter

Community Beginner ,
Sep 22, 2022 Sep 22, 2022

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Hi Community,

I want to present a list of presets which will continually get larger with each new version of my plugin. The presets are alphabetical so adding presets means inserting new ones in different positions in the list.

These presets set some internal setting which I store in an invisible PF_Param_ARBITRARY_DATA parameter.

When loading a project from previous versions, the correct preset has to be shown and it might not be at the same index in the list since new presets have been added. I know the new index of the preset, it's the preset that matches the data stored in my PF_Param_ARBITRARY_DATA parameter.


I have tried to use a PF_Param_POPUP control set with the PF_PUI_STD_CONTROL_ONLY UI flag along with PF_ParamFlag_SUPERVISE and PF_ParamFlag_CANNOT_TIME_VARY flags.


I assumed that because this doesn't have an "associated data stream" according to the docs, it's value would not be saved and I could set it's value in PF_Cmd_SEQUENCE_SETUP / RESETUP but doesn't seem to be the case. It's value is saved with the project and I can't seem to be able to set it at sequence setup. The docs did warn me about only being able to set param values in PF_Cmd_USER_CHANGED_PARAM but I thought there could be an exception for PF_PUI_STD_CONTROL_ONLY parameters.


Is there a way to do this using a "UI-only" PF_Param_POPUP parameter or do I need to make a custom UI to achieve this?








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