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Show and Tell - November 2022 - Show Your Work and Get Feedback for Your Project!

Adobe Employee ,
Nov 11, 2022 Nov 11, 2022

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Show Your Work and Get Feedback for Your Project! 

EKP05303.jpgThis thread is about showing your work. How does it work? Create and upload a video to YouTube, then reply to this post with your video, some background info, and what kind of feedback you'd like to receive.

Then, the community and Adobe Experts give feedback. This feedback is designed to help you grow as an editor.


It's not a contest, so there is no wagering! Show us your work. We can't wait to see it. We'll try this once a month to start.

  1. After uploading your video, make an effort to comment on other people's videos. By doing so, you will find that others will be more likely to comment on your videos.
  2. Be specific when asking for help. Examples of specific questions: "What do you think about this stock footage?" "How's this transition?" "I need some help on this comedy scene; the last joke comes off a little cheesy; any ideas?" etc.
  3. Be descriptive when giving feedback. Use timecodes to highlight certain parts.
  4. Please notice those leaving a lot of feedback and give them some. This is a cooperative effort!
  5. Update: Any comments that do not follow this format will be automatically removed.
  6. Any kind of video acceptable on YouTube is fine; however, remember that we have people of all ages reading and viewing here. Moderators here have the right to remove any video that might be inappropriate for all ages.


Be the first to post and get feedback. Let's get this party started! Don't make me post the first video.

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